RAB Motors

While not the most complex of West’s logo projects, this adaptation of a older logo is perhaps one of the most subtle and provides a glaring example of what can go wrong when logo guidelines are not followed strictly First, R.A.B. Motors was a model client in terms of “getting” brand and the sanctity of a logo. They were emphatic in doing things the “R.A.B.” way and any misuse of the logo was quickly corrected. In a classic case of logo abuse, a professional marketing firm hired by the new owners of R.A.B. Motors “duplicated” West’s version of the logo for their own use. Along the way, the custom font was dropped and an off-the-shelf typeface was employed; the ellipses separating the letters were turned to dots; the logo was changed from dark gray to black; the burnt orange ellipses were turned to bright blue; and errors were made in the spacing. These seemingly trivial singular modifications resulted in a noticeable “downscaling” of the logo.
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