Tyler Combs

Graphic Designer and Web Developer
Since 2014

Tyler was raised in sunny Sequim, Washington (that’s the upper-left corner of the upper-left state on your map) and was educated as a visual artist at The Evergreen State College in Olympia. Selling art books in New York by day, Tyler built upon his art education and knack for computers to teach himself Graphic Design and Web Design by night. Since then, Tyler’s gone from in-house creative, to digital marketing art direction, to web and print advertising design.

Tyler brings to West a passion for web standards and responsive web design, with proficiency in HTML, CSS, WordPress and email design. Learning JavaScript, Sass and Git are at the top of his to do list. Obsessed with typography, Tyler is ever plotting grids, fiddling with icons, and dreaming up type designs.

For fun, Tyler’s checking movies off his list, video gaming, music nerding, reading the internet, and talking to cats.

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