Pete Halberstadt

Founder and President
Since 1988

Not paying attention in class contributed somewhat to Pete’s entry into advertising. He was a cartoonist and, as might be expected, a doodler in class. Right through graduate business school.

In fact, while in grad school, he was tapped to do the cover for the program’s student photo directory, some posters, T-shirt designs, and more than a few party invitations. That “exposure”, combined with a BS in Marketing, an MBA in Strategic Policy, and a few years of Strategic Planning for a national retail conglomerate, resulted in Pete getting recruited to fill an in-house advertising position shortly after graduate school. (But not before spending his last free summer windsurfing and bar tending).

With that education and business background — not necessarily the bar tending — Pete brings a strong strategy-based philosophy to West. His broad business perspective is ideal for clients who want that additional insight.

Still very active in the day-to-day operations of West, Pete splits his work time between offices in Alameda (70%) and Truckee (30%), where he and his family reside.

When not at West, it’s outdoor activities: skiing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, swimming with the dogs, windsurfing, and lacrosse. Pete skis with the Squaw Freestyle Masters Program and coaches the Truckee Tribe Youth Lacrosse Club.

He’s also been involved with numerous volunteer projects, including the revitalization of Alameda’s Historic Park Street District, Alameda’s Jackson Park, and the campaign to approve renovation of the Alameda Theatre.

Pete’s also a co-founder and co-owner of Bladium Sports Clubs, with facilities in Alameda and Denver.

BS Business Administration, UC Berkeley, 1981
MBA Strategic Policy, UC Berkeley, 1986
Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honors
Delbert J. Duncan Award / top marketing student

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