Jeremy Turner

Art Director
Since 2003

A Bay Area native, from the time he could first hold a pencil he has never stopped drawing. After a brief career as a club DJ, he parlayed his natural talent for mixing and matching sounds to his first love of mixing and matching visuals in the more lucrative field of graphic design. While completing his degree in Visual Communications from Las Positas, he worked his way up the proverbial design ladder: From proofreading photographic plates, creating hundreds of designs as the “art department of one” for a t-shirt printer, to Production Artist, Graphic Designer, and Art Director here at West.

He admires the greats of design and draftsmanship, from Rand, Bass, Carson, and Kidd to Cole, Kirby, Sienkiewicz and Ware. When not obsessing over design grids and typographic minutiae, Jeremy spends his downtime in the company of his wife and two cats. Decidedly middlebrow in tastes, he’s as likely to be found taking in the symphony or touring local wineries as he is cheering at an A’s game or reading comic books.

An avid amateur travel photographer, he once shot an elephant in his pajamas. How the elephant got in to his pajamas remains unclear to this day.

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