Devin Lester

Copywriter/Account Coordinator
Since 2018

Devin writes copy like a bat out of hell.

Surprisingly, his parents are human. He was born and raised in Los Angeles (some say it’s hell-adjacent).

This “bat-man” enjoyed his time in LA, and he flies back often to visit friends and family. 

Devin graduated with a BA in International Relations from UC Santa Barbara. He studied abroad in Spain for a year, where he learned his second human language.

Devin doesn’t have perfect eyesight, but he more than makes up for it with a strong sales and account management background. He also uses echolocation.

When he’s not writing, Devin can be found eating, sleeping, or exercising. He likes live music, comedy, and a good story – whether it’s in conversation, a book, or on some sort of screen. He thinks ads should make people think. Or laugh. But most importantly, buy.

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