A client once referred to us as “the Westies”. The name stuck. Far more personal and flexible than “employees” or “workers”. Cooler, too. Like a team.

We operate like a team and we operate lean. Our ranks fluctuate between 15-20 Westies, as needs demand and qualified people become available. We’ve searched up to a year to find the right replacement.

Naturally, lots of young, talented Westies have come and gone since 1988, but they all manage to preserve and pass along the culture. So while faces occasionally change, the work ethic and sense of community remain the same.

And sometimes Westies leave and come back. At least six Westies have moved on for one reason or another, only to return for another stint. A couple of them are still with us. That says a lot.

Here are some brief bios for our current staff, in order of tenure.