Since 1988

Since 1988

West World Headquarters | 1988
“Of course. We’re staffed to handle any sized account.”

West Advertising opened January 1, 1988.

Ronald Reagan was President, gasoline was about a buck a gallon, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise starred in Rain Man, the Dodgers upset the A’s to win the World Series, and Van Halen had three songs in the top 10. Sort of a mixed bag.

Of more relevance, newspapers dominated local advertising budgets, cable television was just taking hold, and the Internet was essentially a thing of the future.

Suffice it to say that a few things have changed.

We’d like to think we’ve changed just as fast and remained just as enthusiastic. There’s nothing better to keep work exciting than finding that the your industry has changed radically overnight. Again.

Fortunately, the basic principles of marketing are fairly constant. People are still motivated by the same core drives, and their behaviors tend to evolve in the same patterns as they age. How we reach them and the tools we use to measure their response is what has changed.

As an agency that’s thrived through several periods of rapid change, our role is to help our clients sift through the ever changing selection of digital offerings, retain faith in what continues to work among the traditional channels, and maintain a disciplined approach to advertising.

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