Our Founder

Our Founder

Two questions we’ve received frequently over the years are:

“When do I get to meet Mr. West?”

Mr. West

Our Founder, Robert West

The fact of the matter is that there is no Mr. West. At least not at this agency. The real founder was only 29 when he started West and his last name is way too long and difficult to pronounce to use as the agency’s name. Back in 1988, he felt it was best to let clients think that there was someone much “older and wiser” back at the office, calling the shots. Additionally, he couldn’t understand why it was essential to name an agency after anyone in particular, which was definitely the common practice way back then. He was happily back on the West Coast after a 3-year stint in the Chicago area, hence the name “West”.

However, years later, after West had begun to handle numerous Facebook campaigns on behalf of clients, we ran into a little snag: Facebook had not yet developed an “agency status” that would allow a single business entity to manage multiple accounts.

Unbeknownst to the real founder, a fictitious founder was created by West’s digital marketing team as a workaround. This “individual” was used to open several Facebook pages in the event that the system detected duplicates and kicked “him” from the Facebook universe. Hence, Robert West was born.

Naturally, it was “Facebook”, so they had to come up with a face to go with the name.

“What’s with the buffalo logo?”

The Buffalo

West Buffalo

That’s a long and very exciting story that won’t be told, partly because portions of it could be illegal and the person involved isn’t sure about the statute of limitations on driving an old Jeep along with North America’s largest wild buffalo herd in full stampede mode.

It wasn’t intentional, but what a blast.

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