Been Green

Been Green

Bay Area Green Business
We’re proud, but a little hesitant. Being “green” is definitely a good thing, but it became so vogue at one point that West became reluctant to promote its commitment to green business practices, which it has followed since opening back in 1988. That was before “being green” was called “going green”.
At the core, we feel the three “R’s” — reduce, reuse, recycle — simply make sense. It’s a nice planet so let’s do what we can do keep it that way.

From a business standpoint, conserving absolutely makes sense. Properly managing resources is fundamental to sound business practice. And to the extent that we are linked to the community we serve, we believe we are obligated to respect shared resources.

So in an industry where you would think our job is to push consumption*, West Advertising has set itself apart with a commitment to conservation.

That doesn’t mean we work only with pro-environment businesses. It simply means that we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

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*Note: contrary to popular opinion, advertising is NOT just about increasing consumption. More precisely, it’s about impacting consumption choices. In fact, West has worked on dozens and dozens of social marketing campaigns aimed at promoting recycling and consumption reduction.