The Short Story

West Advertising is a full-service advertising agency, established in 1988, offering Advertising, Branding, Design, and Marketing services. Our diversified staff of professionals is equally comfortable in both traditional and digital media channels.

We primarily serve clients in Northern California with business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing support. We have offices located in Alameda and Truckee, California.

We truly enjoy what we do.

The More Complete Version

If you’re familiar with the term “tradigital”, that’s what we are. An advertising agency that effectively utilizes both traditional and digital media channels to deliver marketing messages on behalf of our clients.

However, we prefer the simpler “full service” marketing firm. That’s what we’ve been for over 25 years and that’s what we continue to be. We believe the distinction between traditional and digital advertising is a convenience to firms who do one but not the other. For us, the distinction is an impediment. In our minds, traditional and digital both present exciting options for our clients, so we’ve worked hard to ensure we’re comfortable in all media channels, regardless of delivery method.

Most of our work is business-to-consumer, or “B2C”. As such, a large part of our role is to identify appropriately targeted audiences and reach them via the most cost-efficient methods, delivering the most effective message possible.

That is not to say that all our clients are in the retail category. While many are, West Advertising has done considerable work in other arenas, such as social, civic, and political campaigns.

Wherever we can help craft and deliver a message that’s meant to inform and/or persuade, that’s where we want to be.

And we go beyond the conventional definition of “advertising”. We extend into many marketing-related areas on behalf of our clients, assisting with broad strategic direction, operating processes, customer relationship management (CRM), and even administrative systems development.

Because of the broad range of roles we’re willing to assume, West Advertising serves as an ideal marketing partner for businesses, organizations, or departments that are large enough to warrant truly professional marketing support but cannot justify a fully diversified in-house marketing department. We essentially operate as a dedicated marketing department, but without the associated overhead. West Advertising’s clients can select to work with us on an ongoing or project basis.

Most of our clients are medium-sized businesses operating in Northern California. We’ve worked with small, local start-ups and large international firms, but those are exceptional cases. It’s all dependent upon client needs matching our strengths.

Perhaps most importantly is that we’re easy with which to work. At least that’s our goal and that’s what we’ve been told. Many of our clients have been with us for 10 or more years, several for over 20. They’re successful and we like to believe we’re a big part of that success. To hear it directly from our clients, visit our “Props” page to view some of the unsolicited feedback we’ve received over the years.

It’s also appropriate to share that we’re deceptively laid back. We prefer ‘plain speak’, steer clear of hyperbole, and provide answers only when we have good ones to share. Our offices are casual and our people have fun together. But we are intensely focused on our work and seriously committed to our clients. West Advertising is not a place to “kick back and be creative”. We get in, do the best work possible, and get out.

Even with that introduction to our agency, it’s impossible to know if we’re the right fit until we’ve spoken about your marketing needs and you’ve had the opportunity to gauge our experience, knowledge, and sincerity. Effective marketing is the result of a positive and productive relationship, so you’re hiring a partner, not a specific campaign.

The best way to get in touch is simply pick up the phone and give us a call. If you’d prefer to have us call you, let us know via email or simply fill out the form on the right.

Thanks. Sincerely hoping to hear from you.

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