It’s 2015… Does Direct Mail Still Work?

You’ve Got Real Mail! Direct Mail: A Classic that Still Works

98% of people do it every day. That is, 98% of people retrieve their mail daily.1 And 63% of that mail is kept at least two days — great news if you send coupons.2
Here’s How Direct Mail Can Help Your Business:

  1. You’ll Reach New Audiences
    Looking for new customers? You probably don’t have their email… and they’re unlikely to open an email from an unfamiliar business. Direct mail is much more likely to be viewed by potential customers. Plus, you can refine your audience down to the very neighborhood they live in.
  2. You’ll Stand Out From The Crowd
    Fewer businesses are sending direct mail and much of email goes unopened. Plus, unlike email, direct mail pieces can come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and even smells! With less competition and more creative options, your mailed message has a better chance than ever of standing out.
  3. Your Customers Prefer It
    A survey of consumers showed they preferred direct mail over email in almost every business category. Plus, with 65% of respondents saying they receive too much email, choosing the mailbox over the inbox can be a smart move.3

West’s Word

Direct mail offers huge benefits to advertisers. But in order for it to succeed, you need to know when to use it, who you are targeting, and what you’re offering. An eye-catching design is the clincher. West can help with all of the above. Please contact [email protected] and we’ll make sure you get the biggest bang for your direct mail buck.

1 “The Mail Moment” United States Postal Service, 2005.
2 “The Mail Moment” United States Postal Service, 2011-2012.
3 “The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust.” Epsilon Targeting, Dec. 2011.

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