Join The Team

Join The Team

West is looking for pleasant, talented, hard working people to join us. We have a couple specific positions we’d like to fill immediately and we have a range of other positions that we’d like to fill when we find the right people.

In all cases, you may want to know a bit about the work environment and with whom you’ll be working. If so, jump to the bottom of the page for a quick summary.


Right Away…

Hispanic Marketing Specialist

West has been advertising in many Spanish-language media channels over the years, including television, radio, print, and online. However, we feel we could do an even better job and build a level of specialization within our agency that would address a growing need among our clients.

We’d like to find someone to help build an in-house Hispanic Marketing Department. All the support mechanisms are in place: accounting, project management systems, media buying, graphic design, website development, etc., as well as a very motivated Agency Principal who is committed to the concept. What we need is someone who truly understands the cultural nuances as they relate to marketing to this diverse and important customer base.

While we are willing to consider a wide range of experience levels, this is not an entry level position. You will most likely need at least a couple years experience in advertising to fully leverage this opportunity, ideally with direct experience in Spanish-language media or agency work. You definitely speak Spanish and you are inspired to see Spanish-language marketing done well.

You will work directly with the Agency Principal to strategize and build the agency’s presence in this area, as well as with all other departments within the agency. Our vision is a team of Hispanic Marketing experts that are fully integrated within the broader agency.

Hopefully you are comfortable meeting directly with clients, but we’re willing to launch this process with a strictly in-house specialist who can assess, enhance, and augment our current services.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].
Please, no phone calls.

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

The volume of inbound phone calls is low at West, so it is a wide range of other responsibilities that makes this such a critically important position. Anyone who is exceptionally organized and detail oriented, as well incredibly friendly yet professional, will enjoy being at the center of the action.

No specific advertising or marketing experience is necessary, although that would certainly be helpful.

This could easily be a part time position, at least initially. Our current Administrative Assistant is moving into a new position at West so will be available to fill gaps in the schedule and train her replacement.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].
Please, no phone calls.


As Soon As We Find the Right Person…

Social Media Expert

You are either a current Social Media Expert or have the interest, capacity, and drive to become one quickly. Obviously, we expect a very strong familiarity with primary Social Media channels and concepts.

West currently handles Social Media accounts for a number of our clients and sees the opportunity to expand our services. That suggests the creation of a dedicated position. Our goal is to ensure we provide high quality services and build upon our expertise. You would be working with West’s Digital Marketing Specialist and the Agency Principal to both define and fulfill the responsibilities associated with this new position.

Immediate involvement will be with Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter, but will expand as soon as appropriate.

For the time being, this position will also include Online Reputation Management, i.e. managing client pages with Yelp, Google+, Facebook, etc.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].
Please, no phone calls.

Executive Assistant

The Agency Principal is looking for a skilled assistant to help manage a growing range of agency functions.

There will be some nuts-and-bolts tasks, such as filtering emails, setting schedules, and basic correspondence, but this position will require someone with analytical skills, solid business judgement, professional communication skills, and strong computer skills to fulfill more challenging assignments. Some driving may also be involved.

This could be a part time position.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].
Please, no phone calls.

Web Developer

West builds and manages websites on behalf of many of its clients. Demand for those services is growing and we need to enhance our in-house team.

Currently, our highest need is someone who can help code the backend of websites for auto dealerships, which involves merging data feeds from various sources and ensuring the information presents accurately in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

We’re looking for a creative and efficient developer who is familiar with  PHP, MySQL, and building custom Wordpress templates based on responsive frameworks. Experience wth multiple data-feed formats and administering Apache servers via command line would be a plus. You’ll be working primarily with four other individuals who play various roles in each website development project.

In addition to websites, we have some API and application projects that we’d like to handle in-house, if possible.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected].
Please, no phone calls.

A Bit About West

The agency opened in 1988. That’s an eternity in the world of small- to medium-sized agencies. However, we’ve thrived through a blend of enthusiasm for our work and a progressive approach to evolving along with the industry. While we remain committed to traditional media channels, we’ve become quite strong in digital channels and how to blend the two.

Most importantly, we enjoy working together and we have a great group of loyal clients. Our longest tenured employee just celebrated 20 years with the agency and we have clients who have been with us even longer. Fortunately, we have a plenty of new clients and are looking for new employees.

The work environment can be described as “deceptively laid-back”. It’s comfortable space and the people are upbeat and friendly. Lots of blue jeans, an office cat, and a great deal of personal freedom and involvement in the direction of the agency. However, those looking for a casual place to just hangout might be confused by the focus of the team. We are highly dependent upon one another and driven to provide a very high level of support to our co-workers. Nobody slacks. Our expectations for ourselves are much higher than those to which our clients hold us, but that is what has made us succeed over three decades of tremendous change in our industry. We do not work super long hours like many ad agencies or high-tech firms, but we’re productive while we’re here.

Another characteristic that falls under the “deceptively laid-back” label is our strict adherence to systems. We’ve learned through our mistakes and don’t like to make the same ones twice. That has taught us an appreciation for quickly developing processes and procedures to make our work lives easier, more efficient, and far less prone to errors. We view following systems as a path to liberation. If you see it as oppressive, you won’t be happy here. That being said, we’re very open minded about abandoning obsolete procedures, but not until we’ve developed better ones to replace them.

Currently, our client base is heavily skewed toward large auto dealerships and dealership groups. We’ve had many clients from a very wide range of other industries, but West is viewed as a highly qualified specialist in the retail automotive sector and a lot of that work comes our way. The great benefit of working with auto dealerships is that they provide us with work in just about every known media channel and are very open to new ideas.

The future is pretty wide open. We don’t consider ourselves to be locked into the strict definition of an ad agency. We have some projects that go well beyond the standard definition and we expect to stray even further with time. Specifically, we see some opportunities and may ultimately be our own client for a few projects.

Lastly, we hire people not positions. There are times that we have a position that needs filling and that position has certain responsibilities, but we’re fairly organic in how we define each person’s long term role. As long as the primary responsibilities are being addressed, we can talk about expansion into other areas of interest.